About the program

ABOUT: The 49th State Angel Fund is a public/private partnership that has created over $19 million in new capital availability in Anchorage. Almost 90% of the capital in this program is under some type of obligation or investment recommendation, with four partner funds investing our capital into Anchroage businesses. This capital is twinned with private capital: Every dollar the 49SAF invests is matched by at least a dollar from the private sector. The 49SAF uses a "fund-of-funds" model, with 49SAF placing its capital into local investment funds, which then make individual investment decisions. 

49SAF's Key Principles: The 49th State Angel Fund is an investment (and not a grant) program. Every dollar placed by the 49SAF is invested with the intent to provide the function with a return. The 49SAF does this in order to grow one day into an evergreen investment function, where returning capital can be put to greater use: Recycled, grown, continuously deployed to create benefit for the Anchorage economy. 

PODCAST: Twice a month we talk about entrepreneurship in Alaska and related subjects. Find us on Stitcher and iTunes.

For questions about the program, please call 49SAF Director Joe Morrison at 907.343.4898


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